購物流程   看圖說 Shopping Processes with images
Five Music音撝網為了提供您便利、愉快、安全的網路購物環魽I特別將購物流程分成以下五個步驟:
1.選取峆~放入購物車 (您必須先有會員資格,免費加入會員)
3.選擇付鈚方式 及 寄送地區
4.確認訂洙 及 寄送資訊
5.送出訂洙 完成訂購 程序
To provide convenient, nice and safe shopping environment, please following the five shopping processes:
1. Put items you want in the shopping bag (you should have the membership first. If you don’t, you can sign up to be a member for free.)
2. Sign in. Your information is encrypted by the secure server layer (SSL).
3. Choose method of payment and shipping area.
4. Confirm your order and information of delivery.
5. Placed your order and finished the sopping processes.
  付費方式 About Payment

為了讓您在Five Music 音撝網消費更便,網站特別提供掔彈性的付鈚方式:
TO make you more convenient for shopping on Five Music, there are several ways you can choose:

1.信用卡 Credit Card (VISA、Master Card、JCB)
  為了保護您的信用卡資料安全,網站採用 安全編碼傳K技術,您傳送的資料都經過加密處理,使您可在網路購物上更為安全放心!(寄大陸地區僅踇受大陸匯鈚)

To protect your privacy, all information you input is encrypted by the secure server layer before it is sent to us.

※.2.大陸地區支付寶 (僅限大陸地區)

  運費計算方式 Shipping Rates & Options


To provide good service for you and make sure the orders will be delivered soon and without any problems, Five Music use Express Service on shore of Taiwan and use post-office parcel or the other way off shore of Taiwan.

What are the Shipping Rates?

海外其它地區(國外) Areas outside Taiwan (foreign countries)   

  第一片 亞洲地區 NT$180(大陸.香港.日本.新加坡.陣來西亞)
歐美 NT$230   

  第二片 亞洲地區每加一片 加NT$80 亞洲以外每加一片加NT$100

  第一片 亞洲地區 NT$630(大陸.香港.日本.新加坡.陣來西亞)
歐美澳和其它 NT$880   

  第二片 亞洲地區每加一片 加NT$80 亞洲以外每加一片加NT$100
Registered (include Handling Charge)
The first one:
Asia area: NT$180(China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia).
Other countries: NT$230
More than one: Asia area: every more one piece cost NT$80. Other countries: NT$100

  寄送服務 Delivery Service

在Five Music購物,貨品由黑貓宅配公司配送到您府上,(外島與海外不在此限),為確保您能順利收到峆~,收件人與收件地址請N獐g確認,避免遺失。貨品內附訂購品項明N表、及發票供您查收。

Your orders will be delivered by the courier after you shop on Five Music (not contain the areas outside Taiwan). To ensure delivery service, please make sure the addressee and shipping address you write are correct. We have the following information ready for you in the package: Order number and receipt.

峆~寄出時間 The shipping date
若您訂洙中ㄛOFive Music 音撝網有現貨庫存的,我們會於三個工作天(不含例假日)內出貨,您可於出貨後本島2-3天外島3-5天內收到峆~。若您的訂洙中有需要調貨的峆~,則會需要較多天,若屆時仍無法為您調齊所有峆~,我們會email與您連絡。  

If we have your order in stock, it leaves our warehouse in three business days and we estimate that order will be delivered within two to three days from the shipping date (on shore of Taiwan) or three to five days (off shore of Taiwan). It takes more days if your order is need to be restocked. If the items are no longer available, we will inform you by email. Pre-order will be delivered on the released day. If the cost of your pre-order item(s) is combine with the shipping fee with other CD, they will be delivered together on the released day.


海外寄送服務時間 Delivery times of shipping to other countries
     亞洲地區:約 5~7 天
     歐美非地區:約 7~10 天

Delivery times are different cause the areas: Registered Asia: about 5~7 days Europe, Americas and Africa: about 7~10 days


If your orders can’t be delivered in the shipping date, we will inform you by email.


If your order item(s) are no longer available, we will inform you promptly and remove the item(s) from your order.


The pre-order item(s) will be delivered on the released day. Please book every item every single time, it’s better to our works like combine the shipping fee with other CD. They will be delivered together on the released day.


Due to the cost of customs inspection, whether pre-order or order import commodity must have spent much more time for waiting, so it wouldn't be delivering on time. If the order's confirmed, it can not be cancled, unless the official claims.


We will use Post-office air freight to deliverer to foreign countries. We can’t guarantee the items won’t be damaged and we are not responsible for the defective items.


If the merchandise you order has a poster as gift, we will send the folding poster with the album to you, since you don't order the poster tube. Please make sure that you do plus order the poster tube if there is a poster as gift for merchandise to keep the poster away from damage.


  鰴f  Exchange



請您於收到峆~一星期內,N檢查峆~,Five Music 音撝網銷售的所有峆~均提供品質保證,若您收到的峆~有瑕疵或損壞或遞送途中因不慎疏失造成峆~毀損的情形發生辦理鰴f時,請勿拆封並且保持峆~完整包U,依下列鰴f準則辦理:

Please check the items you order in on week after you take it. Five Music has Quality Assurance, so if you want to return or exchange the item(s) you order cause it’s defective or damaged when delivering, please don’t open it and everything must be in their original packaging. Then following the tips:

1. 影音峆~屬智慧財產權峆~,除有瑕疵或破損除外,恕不踇受退貨、鰴f、退鈚處理。若有任何客觀之瑕疵或損壞需要退鰴f,請以Email或來電 Five Music 音撝網客服騿A並告知產品之問題或瑕疵所在。若屬個人使用是否合適、滿意之主觀範圍,恕不提供退驉C

Video and music items are under Intellectual Property law, so they can only returns or exchange when defected. If you need to returns or exchange service, send the email or call Five Music consumer service and tell them what defect is. We won’t return or exchange the item(s) for you if it’s about your personal reason.

2. 國內(不含烯島)峆~如有瑕疵問題請先與客服連絡,客服確認後將連絡宅配來回件處理。海外地區鰴f時請將原完好峆~及其內外包U(出貨洙)一併以郵寄包裹掛號寄回 Five Music 音撝網,並在包裹上註明訂貨人姓名,且保留掛號洙據以利日後查詢。經 Five Music 音撝網檢查確認產品無誤後,即可辦理鰴f。

When return or exchange the item(s), make sure everything is in their original packaging(packing list and receipt). Send everything by post-office registered to Five Music and write your name on it. You can check the registered number if you need. After we make sure everything is correct, we will return it.

3.國外客戶訂洙峆~瑕疵寄回鰴f,您代寄之「運費」將以網路帳戶購物金額退回給您,將放入您在Five Music音撝網網站會員帳戶裡(名稱為前期保留金額視同現金),在您下次購物時將會先從裡面扣ㄐA若是您希望直踇退鈚請Email或來電客服人員我們將會為您處理。

Shipping costs of refunds for defective items will be made in Five Music Credit. We will put it in your account of Five Music (it’s named Five Music Credit and we regard as money) and it’ll be billed first when you shop on Five Music next time. If you want us refund the money, please send the email or call the customer service.
*訂購後倘任意大量退/鰴f,因已造成 Five Music 音撝網作業上之困擾與損害,Five Music 音撝網可視情況採取拒交易或永久取消其會員資格辦理。

If you returns/ exchange a large number of items arbitrarily and make Five Music’s business damages, we reserves the right to reject bargain with you or cancelled your membership.

PS:海外地區若因峆~瑕疵辦理鰴f,請您來電客戶服務騿G886-6-2282886 分陜 258、或傳真至 886-6-2285023,我們將觺速為您處理。

Ps: If you are in foreigner countries, please send the email or call the customer service first: 886-6-2282886 # 258、FAX: 886-6-2285023, we will deal with it as soon as possible.
  其它問題 Others

上班時間來電客服 TEL: 國內06-2282886 分陜258 國外886-6-2282886 分陜258 將有專員為您說、服務。
(上班時間 週一到週五 10:00 ∼ 18:00 )

If you have any questions about shopping on Five Music, call the customer service in business hours. TEL: Domestic 06-2282886 # 258, Foreign: 886-6-2282886 # 258. (Business hours: Mon to Fri 10:00~18:00)

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